The Alpha and Omega — In Self Improvement

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What’s up my people! So I just woke up and had to scribble down these thoughts of mine before I forget them. One of the big issue for a lot of people who gets into this whole self improvement /personal development field is that they don’t know where to start.

There isn’t a seamlessly learning path that we can start on. Because we are all different and have different issues. So in some areas we feel like the boss, but in others we feel lacking. There is no clear path we can take to become a better man/woman. We must find troubled areas in our existence and work on them.

From an early age,  we’ve been taught to learn in a step-by-step process. First you get the basics down — then you move on to the next level and the next. Which can be related back to the learning process of a skill by George Leonard. However in something as vague as Self Improvement.  Which you can’t really call a skillset.

We have to realize that there is no path to learn this. There is no linear path you can take and at end of it — become a better man. A realization I had is you never stop growing. You never stop learning. If we go by that definition then it means we will never reach perfection — because what is perfection anyways.

So striving for perfection is rather trivial in my opinion. But rather you want to strive to dominant any area in your life.alpha and omega

The Alpha and Omega

So without a clear cut path for us to follow to the ascendancy of a better man and a seamlessly learning process that never stops.  It can be quite daunting and confusing. Because what do we actually do. What do we actually focus on? There’s only one thing you need to think about in terms of self-improvement or even pickup.

One thing that is the be all and end all — in deciding if you’re going to grow or stay as you are. That thing is “pushing your comfort zones”. If you keep pushing your comfort zones. Keep putting yourself into an environment which will push you. Then you will keep growing.

That is the only thing you need to worry about. If you don’t push your comfort zones then you’ll stagnate, at worst you’ll regress and your comfort zone will shrink. That’s why you see a lot of people who was great at some point, then take a drastic turn for the worse. It’s usually people where we go:

“I wonder what happened to him, he seemed to do so great before..”.

So as long as you keep challenging yourself you will not stop growing. Kind of like the above picture.  You must leave your nest. The nest which has been your world for the last couple months and expand that world and your comfort zone.

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